Los Angeles Berlin Runway Fashion Show

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Berlin Runway Fashion Show

As early as the end of the 19th century, international trade was carried out in Berlin’s distinguished Konfektionsviertel (fashion quarter) at Hausvogteiplatz and around the Gendarmenmarkt. Established fashion houses set the standards of style and in the so-called “Golden Twenties” when the sketches of Berlin’s designers were influencing the international fashion scene.

Starting in the 1940s during the war Berlin’s fashion scene came to a halt and would not recover until the Wall fell. But today things are happening again in the Berlin fashion world.
The Los Angeles-Berlin Sister City Committee and Checkpoint Charlie Stiftung Berlin present:
Now numerous designers are working in the industry; nine schools of fashion offer training opportunities and scores of flagship stores, fashion fairs and trend scouts have returned Berlin to a prominent position in the worldwide fashion scene.

Finally the advent of the prestigious Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is proof, that Berlin is back on the map, when it comes to creativity, styles, and trends. The fashion coming out of Berlin is incomparable. Full of self-esteem, a unique style has emerged which boasts a refreshing variety.
Fashion taboos are non-existent: whether tailor-made or off-the-shelf, elegant, avant-garde, hippie style or sporty, Berlin offers something for every taste – and rightly so!
This fashion show will feature the young and upcoming design
Jasmin Erbas.


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